Arschbombe: A cannonball jump is called an "ass bomb" in German

Cannonball jump: the diving style that gives chubby people some bragging rights during the summer season. As usual, the German language is a bit rustic when it comes to illustrating physical activities. 

Both the German and English language take that kind of militaristic approach to describe a deliberately splashy pool dive. However, German once again shines with precise and pictorial naming. You drop like a bomb into the water ass-first—thus, you are performing a classic “ass bomb.” 

Not only is the Arschbombe is a perfect way to annoy sunbathing people around you. It also has the practical advantage of not letting you plunge too deep into the water, while also being less painful than, for instance, a belly flop (which, by the way, is a Bauchplatscher in German). Moreover, it has even developed into a sort of recognized sport, with the first “Arschbombe World Championship” having taken place in 2004 in Bavaria. So there are actually people who make money by creating massive water fountains with their butts.


German Is Weird: Crazy Words von Arschkarte bis Zielwasser - from "ass card" to "aiming water"

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German Is Weird: Crazy Words von Arschkarte bis Zielwasser - from "ass card" to "aiming water"

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