Extrawurst: When someone receives special treatment, Germans will say they “get an extra sausage”

literally: “extra sausage” / meaning: special treatment

I once witnessed a scene in which the mayor of a small town wanted to cut in line at a kiosk to buy cigarettes. When the kiosk owner noticed this, he looked at him smilingly but firmly and said, “No one gets an Extrawurst here. Not even the mayor.” A big shout out to this man! 

Germans use the term Extrawurst when someone demands—or actually receives—an inappropriate privilege. Also, when someone pushes through a special request that leads to unnecessary extra work. Like when 12 people agree with Beck’s but one says he only drinks Warsteiner—and therefore you have to buy an extra case.

A type of sausage called Extrawurst actually exists in Austria. However, it is not clear if this product is linked to the German expression in any way. Also, the dish is totally unknown in Germany. If we consume anything from Austria, it needs to be Red Bull. Or Conchita Wurst.

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