Filmriss: When you can’t remember what happened last night because you were too drunk, Germans will say you have a “film tear”

literally: “film tear” / meaning: mental blank, particularly after too much alcohol

For a country that has a reputation for being a bit uptight, Germany has a very liberal legislation in many cases. Especially when dealing with alcohol. 

People as young as 16 are allowed to buy beer, wine, and similar beverages. From as young as 14, they are allowed to drink in the presence of their parents. You can criticize this—or you can put a fine point on it. After all, Germans can get used to the effects of alcohol slowly and gradually instead of dropping all their barriers at once on their graduation day.

Optimally, this will make it easier for young people to know their limits so that something like a Filmriss never happens. It’s not remotely pleasant to text your friends the next day in a panic to ask what on earth you’ve been up to. Nowadays, it’s often enough to take a look at your friends’ social accounts to find the embarrassing answer.

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German Is Weird: Crazy Words von Arschkarte bis Zielwasser - from "ass card" to "aiming water"

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