Nonnenfürzle: There is a traditional southern German carnival pastry whose name translates to “a nun‘s little farts”

Literally: “a nun’s little farts” / traditional German carnival pastry

Granted, not everyone in Germany knows this sweet dish—at least if they live north of Swabia where Nonnenfürzle originated from. However, its hilarious name and backstory makes it just to good not to mention. 

Traditionally eaten at Shrovetide, Nonnenfürzle are made from choux pastry: two teaspoons are used to scoop out small balls and bake them in hot fat until they float. While still hot, the pastry is dipped in sugar.

So why the funny name? Legend has it that a bishop secretly watched a nun prparing them – the whistling noise that the dough made after being put into the boiling fat reminded him of human digestive sounds… 

It is said that none other than Martin Luther was a great fan of this pastry. A fitting choice of sweets for a man who is quoted as saying: “A cheerful fart does not crawl out of a despondent bottom” (Aus einem verzagten Hintern kommt kein fröhlicher Furz).



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