Tote Oma

Tote Oma: There is a classic East German dish whose name translates to "dead grandma"

Literally: “dead grandma” / traditional East German dish

This one is a real GDR classic. It dates back to socialist times when many products were scarce and housewives had to try to put something tasty on the table for their family with the means at hand. And at this, East German citizens were particularly inventive. 

The basis for Tote Oma is a so called Grützwurst, which is a type of blood sausage with the addition of a groat made from wheat, barley and other grains. The Grützwurst is fried along with some bacon, onions and spices, all of which were available in the GDR on a regular basis. It is usually served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. 

The unsavory name Tote Oma (dead granny) originated as a regional sarcasm based on the red coloring of its main ingredients. The dish is also referred to by East Germans as Verkehrsunfall, meaning “traffic accident,” obviously served with an even bigger portion of black humor. 



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